Do Celebrities Send Their Kids to Private Schools?

In a world where money isn't an issue, it's not surprising that many celebrities opt to send their children to expensive, top-notch private schools. But some celebrities have chosen to send their children to public schools because they themselves went to public schools or simply want to create a normal life for their children. Homeschooling is also an option for celebrities who want to provide their children with a more flexible system that a fancy private school would not have allowed. Prince George and his sister Princess Charlotte attend school at Thomas's Battersea, a private school located in London, not far from the Palace.

This is an example of a celebrity family who chose to send their children to a private school. However, there are also some incredibly rich and successful celebrities who have chosen to send their children to public school. When most people think about the lives of famous children, they think of fancy boarding schools or private schools. But some celebrity parents, both A-listers and reality stars, have chosen to homeschool their children rather than give them a more traditional education in public or private schools.

Apple and Moses, the children of international superstar Chris Martin, were going to a private school in addition to being homeschooled. New York City's private school system is very different from other cities and the kind where you try to get your child into the “best private school for age 2” still exists. Emma Thompson had her teenage daughter Gaia in a private school at one stage. From small Catholic schools for girls to larger French-inspired schools, there are many popular schools for celebrity boys.

Voters would not take it seriously if a celebrity sent their children to a fancy private school and then talked about the importance of public education. Ultimately, it is up to each celebrity family to decide what kind of education they want for their children. Some choose public schools, some choose private schools, and some choose homeschooling.

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