How Much Does Private School Cost in Connecticut?

When it comes to the cost of private school in Connecticut, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The tuition fees for independent and parochial schools vary greatly, depending on the school and the type of education they offer. According to the Peterson Private High School Directory, The Hartford Business Journal, and individual school websites, tuition costs for many Connecticut private schools range from relatively affordable to quite expensive. Unfortunately, there are no state scholarships available to help families pay for private school tuition in Connecticut.

However, there may be privately funded scholarships available. Additionally, the federal government allows parents to save for K-12 private school tuition using tax-preferred 529 savings accounts. Private schools are not affiliated with any local, regional, state, or national government and do not receive public funding. With parents paying an average of 40% of student tuition costs, families may consider private high school and college high school a wise investment.

Most private colleges or universities are nonprofit institutions; this data is for nonprofit schools, unless stated. Private high schools in the state are less expensive on average than private elementary schools across the country. Charter schools have additional freedom to innovate with curriculum and learning methods and are accountable to entities that authorize results (such as school districts or universities). Salisbury School admits to students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin all rights, privileges, programs and activities generally granted or made available to students in the school. Delaware has the highest concentration of private school students in the US, with more students attending private schools than in any other state. The state's private high schools are some of the most affordable in the country and cost even less than private elementary schools in the state.

Ohio's private schools are relatively affordable, with high schools costing well below the national average enrollment. In 1996, Connecticut passed a charter school law which now allows parents to choose from more than 20 public charter schools. Private schools in Texas are less expensive overall, with high schools being the most affordable.

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