What Do Parents Look for in a Private School?

Parents who are considering private education for their children have a lot to consider. Quality of faculty and curriculum, teacher experience and knowledge, school accreditation, and religious affiliation are all important factors that parents must evaluate when choosing a school. When it comes to quality, parents want to ensure that their children are college-ready. Most private schools require students to wear uniforms, while only a few public schools have adopted this policy.

Parents should also consider whether attending a non-accredited private school will harm their child's college prospects. Safety is another major concern for parents. According to a survey of charter school and private school parents, 35% of respondents cited academic reputation as the most important factor, while 32% cited safety. Private school teachers are not always legally required to be certified by the state, although many schools require it. For parents who are not religious, the Council for American Private Education states that 10% of the country's students attend private schools, 78% of which are religious. Parents must decide if they want their children to attend a religious school or not.

Some states offer educational assistance programs that can fund private school tuition for students who meet certain requirements. Accreditation is an important factor when choosing a private school. It serves as an external seal of approval that the school is meeting its stated objectives. Parents who have had positive experiences with private schools may want the same for their children.

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