What is the Number One Ranked High School in Connecticut?

The U. S. News & World Report releases an annual list of the best high schools in each state, based on a variety of factors such as graduation rates and college readiness. This year, Hotchkiss School in Lakeville was named the number one high school in Connecticut with an overall A+ rating.

The school was also named the second best private high school and the second best boarding school nationwide. U. News & World Report evaluated more than 17,800 schools across the country, including 165 in Connecticut. Families can use the rankings to compare schools at the national, state, and local levels with respect to factors such as graduation rates and college readiness.

You can look up your school's ranking by typing it in the search box directly below. In addition to the national rankings, U. News also published rankings at the state, metropolitan area, and school district levels. Only metropolitan areas and school districts with three or more high schools were included in these subclassifications. This year's top 15 schools nationwide are in 14 different states.

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